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Are you forced to manage your water use because your existing system can’t deliver a reliable water flow?
  • Traditional well water systems use a single-speed motor and pump to move water from the well to your home. With a regular pressure system you may experience fluctuations in your water pressure when two or or fixtures are in use at the same time.
  • Fluctuating water pressure and flow can be further affected by low well levels, increased water usage, a new addition or the installation of a new irrigation system.
  • With the right pressure system you can stop scheduling your well water use, while adding value and efficiency to the operation of your home or business.
  • Ask us about a regular versus constant pressure system. We’ll advise as to which one is best suited for your home or business.
  • By installing a constant pressure system, MacKinnon Water Solutions can put your system on cruise control, changing the speed of your well water pump to match any demand to ensure constant and consistent water flow.


MacKinnon Water Solutions has a long-standing reputation for providing top quality products and services. We guarantee our labour for one year on new installations. All parts are covered by manufacturer’s warranty for one to five years depending on product. Should you have an issue with any of our installations or service work, please contact us directly.


Financeit is a market-leading payments solution that allows you to apply for affordable monthly payment plans for your big projects or purchases. Whether you need emergency repairs to your water system, or you’re making plans to install geothermal or drill a new well, Financeit’s fast and easy application process, competitive rates and flexible plan options help you get the water you need.