Are you in need of a new well on rural property that’s not connected to a municipal water source?
  • Since 1970, MacKinnon Water Solutions has drilled thousands of rural wells for single family homes, multi-lot developments and innovative agri-food operations throughout the Upper Ottawa Valley.
  • We specialize in drilling new wells using the revolutionary, high-speed XS GT system.
  • Using only compressed air and water, the XS GT method protects the well, and surrounding substrata and wells from contamination.
  • XS GT drilling is fast and efficient, cutting hours off the installation while allowing for minimal disruption of the site and quick access to groundwater.
  • Each MacKinnon well exceeds Ministry of Environment regulations, featuring a 6” certified steel casing within a 10” pressure grouted hole.


MacKinnon Water Solutions has a long-standing reputation for providing top quality products and services. We guarantee our labour for one year on new installations. All parts are covered by manufacturer’s warranty for one to five years depending on product. Should you have an issue with any of our installations or service work, please contact us directly.


Financeit is a market-leading payments solution that allows you to apply for affordable monthly payment plans for your big projects or purchases. Whether you need emergency repairs to your water system, or you’re making plans to install geothermal or drill a new well, Financeit’s fast and easy application process, competitive rates and flexible plan options help you get the water you need.


What are the steps to getting a well installed?

First step after contacting our company, a site survey will be required to determine the well location and to make sure access to the location is sufficient for our equipment (over hanging trees, firm ground, etc.)  We also have to make sure we are in compliance with Ministry Regulations, such as septic systems and road allowances. Once that is determined the next step is to schedule in and book the drilling of the well. On the completion of the well, a pump test will be done (usually not the same day). Final step is the scheduling of the pump and pressure system.

How long does it take to get a well constructed?

On average, half a day upwards of two days depending on the depth.

What is an Environmental Package?

The Environmental package that will appear on your invoice, consists of the vermin proof cap for the top of the casing, grouting of the 10″ hole in accordance with MOE standards, and a drive shoe that stays at the bottom of your well.

How deep is my well going to be?

MacKinnon Water Solutions Ltd. bases their quotes on depths of the wells in your property’s  immediate area. Sometimes, your neighbours well is a good indicator of the depth that your well could possibly be. There have been instances where neighbouring properties have wells that widely vary to yours, either by being shallow or deeper than yours. Since it is impossible to see what is in the ground, this is the only way an estimated depth can be calculated.

Will the driller go deeper if water is found at a shallow depth?

No, once MacKinnon Water Solutions finds water, they will stop drilling as long as there is a sufficient amount of water to supply a residential building.

What is the difference between a constant pressure system and a conventional system?

Constant pressure supplies a constant desired pressure throughout the building with little to no pressure loss, where as a Conventional system’s pressure fluctuates.

Does the price of the well include the pump and pressure system?

No, because not all wells are the same. That is why a more accurate quote can be given after the well and pump test is complete.

Do I need to be involved for any of the well/pump/pressure system?

Customer involvement is not required unless for your own curiosity. The only step that may require customer attendance is during the pump and pressure system install for access to buildings for the install team.

Can I schedule my well for a specific day?

Although we try our best to schedule your well for specific days, unfortunately jobs can either take longer or quicker than expected, so this would impact the scheduling.

Can I build something to cover/hide my well?

Yes, as long as it is easily removable for service work. We also have Mock Rocks in store for viewing and purchase.

When should I take a water sample for potability?

We generally recommend taking your potability sample two weeks after the well has been drilled. You can contact your local Health Unit for details.

My water sample came back bad, is that normal?

If you did not receive any actual coliform or e-coli bacteria numbers and receive a letter stating “overgrown with bacteria often found in the environment”, they might not have gotten to the testing on time, or there could also be some clarity issues, such as possible iron in the water.

When should I consider water treatment with my new well?

It usually takes two weeks or so of consistent use for the water to become balanced. From there we can take a sample for the possibility of water treatment options.

Is there any yearly maintenance required for a drilled well system?

Normally, there is no set maintenance required for your drilled well.